ursula-reisig-200pxThe founder of DermVisage Corporation, My passion for healthy skin started in 1987, when my son Christoph was only 12 weeks old and we discovered that he was having savour Eczema. My son’s skin is until today very sensitive and needs extra care all the time. Initially, I was only curious to find ways to take care of my son’s skin and over time, developing a comprehensive line of natural skin care products and analysis tools became my inspiration and my passion.

Human skin has a solid barrier that shields the cells, keeping allergens and irritating substances away from the deeper skin layer. Sensitive skin has a weaker barrier and is more vulnerable to many kinds of reactions. Knowing the moisture and oil levels of our skin and determining what we can do to achieve an optimum balance will help with keeping skin healthy. An optimum moisture and oil balance will also result in a youthful glow to skin.

Our Digital Skin Analysis tools as part of an exciting new technology that bring multi-spectral imaging and advanced software together to analyze complexion. We measure oil content, moisture, sun damage, redness, wrinkles, texture, pores, bacterial content, and skin tone variations can all be quantified. By measuring these parameters, and by having a portfolio of over 30 skin care products that cater for the needs of nearly any skin type and condition, we are able to offer a narrowly customized skin care plan to our clients.

We invite you to try a new personalized service. See for yourself how combining advanced skin analysis with effective natural products will deliver results beyond your expectations. DermVisage is the first Company to bring the latest skin analysis technology to our customers’ reach. For more information on our products or services, or to make an appointment

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